About - Tim Seed Photography

Psychologists say that few adults can remember anything that happened to them before the age of 3. I must be one of the few, because I have memories of being fascinated by my parent’s camera, a Kodak Colorsnap 35, at the age of two and a half.

Throughout my childhood and teens this fascination with all things photographic never left me. It got stronger as I took more and more pictures and learned the skills needed to process film and make my own prints in a Darkroom.

And then adulthood kicked in. Work, house, family - less time, less spare funds. Camera took a dislike to being submerged in seawater and went on strike. Replaced with small cheap compact to cover main family and holiday duties.

Roll forward a few, many, whoa.... how many years? - 30ish years and now I have time and funds to pick up where I left off. Only now I don’t need a Darkroom, just a computer.

I am a simple man who loves taking photographs and experiencing the reaction of others to my work. Based in Hampshire I work on personal projects with a bias towards sport and wildlife.

I am Tim, I am the Grey Snapper.

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